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~ADMIN~ I am an active admin on this wiki, please feel free to ask me any questions!

I am an Admin on this wiki. If you have any questions, you can ask me or any of the other Admins . I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Gender Female
Occupation Piano nerd/Bookworm/Fangirl/Climate Activist

Personality Loves to talk about books/introverted/smart
Occupation Professional bookworm
Favorite pianists Ludovico Einaudi/Olafur Arnalds
Fun Fact I'm Vegetarian (mostly Vegan)

Hi, my name is Jules. I go to school, talk to friends, read a lot of books, take care of my cats, and volunteer on my free time. I try to be optimistic about things and I am an introvert. I am vegetarian and I care about and love all animals that come my way. My favorite subject in school is French, Math, and English. I play piano and my favorite composer is Ludovico Einaudi. His music almost moves me to tears, and watching him in concert was the best birthday gift. I am a Cancer, I was born in July. I love writing about life. I try to be an environmentalist as much as possible, and I really do care about the environment and how messed up the world is because of what we have done to it.


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My Favorite BooksEdit


♥ Lodestar

♥ Flashback

♥ Neverseen

♥ Lux Series

♥ Pegasus series

♥ Storm and Furry

♥ The Darkest Star

♥ Percy Jackson series

♥ Magnus Chase series

♥ Harry Potter series

♥ A Wrinkle in Time

♥ Bridge To Terabithia

♥ Stargirl

Dystopian FictionEdit

♥ Divergent Series

♥ The Hunger Games Series

♥ The Selection Series

♥ The Giver Series

♥ The Matched Series

♥ The Delirum Series

♥ The Program series

YA Romance FictionEdit

♥ Every last word

♥ Letters to the Lost

♥ Between Shades of Grey(Ashes in the snow)

♥ If there’s no tomorrow

♥ Paper towns

♥ Words in deep blue

♥ Eleanor and Park

♥ Fangirl

♥ Everything, Everything

♥ Five feet apart

♥ If I stay

♥ Where she went

♥ The unexpected everything

♥ See all the stars

♥ Calculus of Change

♥ The Last Time We Say Goodbye

♥ Tell me three things

♥ When we collided

♥ I’ll give you the sun

♥ Girl out of Water

♥ The Hate you Give

♥ On the Come up

♥ The Sky is Everywhere

♥ All the Bright Places

♥ The Truth about Forever

♥ Things we know by heart

♥ The Secret History of US

♥ What to say next

♥ The Summer I Turned Pretty

♥ My Heart and other Blackholes

♥ Our Chemical Hearts

♥ Extraordinary Means

♥ My Heart and Other Black Holes

♥ The Similars series

♥ The Fault in our Stars

♥ An Abundance of Katherines

♥ The Perks of Being a Wallflower

♥ Every day

♥ The Sun is Also a Star

♥ Holding Up the Universe

♥ Goodbye Days

♥ A Short History of the Girl Next Door

♥ Little Do we Know

♥ The Rest of the Story

♥ This Lullaby

♥ Someone like you

♥ P.S. I Still Love you

♥ The Last Time We Say Goodbye

♥ The Beginning of Everything

My Favorite Hobbies/ Things I doEdit

1. I love to read on a comfy chair with a cat curled up next to me.

2. I love exploring libraries to find books.

3. I love learning new things, and also making connections

4. I want to make Earth a better place. I want to do more about the Climate Change that is destroying our planet.

5. On my free time, I write letters to my pen pals.

6. I love reading poetry and quotes.

7. I love making friendship bracelets.

8. If you have a book recommendation, I would love to take it.

9. I love to talk about books and how they inspire us to be a better person. I love how all series end with a cliff hanger and then you’re yearning for the next book of the series. When authors write so descriptive it is almost like you entered a new fantasy world where you are going where the protagonists are going, and you are figuring out the true meanings of life.

10. I dance Argentine Tango every weekend.

1.“I would rather be punished for making the right decision than live with the guilt of making the wrong one for the rest of my life.” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

2.”I have a feeling you can do whatever you put your mind to. Now go prove me right. You know, so I can brag about it.” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

3.”Because our family doesn't decide who we are. WE decide who we are. Believe me, it drives my parents crazy. And sometimes, that's the only thought that gets me through the day.” ― Shannon Messenger, Everblaze

4.”Take care of my Moonlark.” - Shannon Messenger, Lodestar

5.”Never underestimate the power of the page.” ― Shannon Messenger

6.”Fitz pulled her forward, and the warm tingling in her hand shot through her body--like a million feathers swelling underneath her skin, tickling her from the inside out.” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

7.”This is…magic?”

Fitz laughed – a full body laugh, like it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard [...] “No,” he said when he’d regained control. “Magic is a stupid idea humans came up with to try to explain things they couldn’t understand.” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

8.”He grabbed her arms to steady her. "It's ok, Sophie. I'm here to help you. We've been looking for you for twelve years.” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

9.”Sophie froze. “My name’s Fitz,” he added, stepping closer still. Fitz? What kind of name was Fitz?” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

10.”Mallowmelt turned out to be a gooey cake that tasted like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies soaked in ice cream and covered in frosting and butterscotch” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

11.”I have a feeling you can do whatever you put your mind to. Now go prove me right. You know, so I can brag about it.” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

12.”Unpacking made everything real. She lived here now, in this strange, slightly too perfect world where everything she knew was wrong” ― Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

13.”And I'm the only one with a plan," Fitz reminded them. "Hey- I've got plans," Keefe argued. "Plans that don't involve tormenting Dame Alina," Fitz clarified. "But those are always the best plans!” ― Shannon Messenger, Everblaze

14.”Because our family doesn't decide who we are. WE decide who we are. Believe me, it drives my parents crazy. And sometimes, that's the only thought that gets me through the day.” ― Shannon Messenger, Everblaze

15.”It was a dangerous world for a sparkly flying horse” ― Shannon Messenger, Exile

16.”Sparkles also make everything better. Well, except alicorn poop." "I don't know. I think sparkly poop is way better than regular poop." "That's because you've never fallen into a pile of it.” ― Shannon Messenger, Everblaze

17.”Fitz's door was closed, so she knocked before going in. "I told you, Mr. Snuggles's visiting hours are over," he called through the door. "What about your visiting hours?" she asked. "Oh! I thought you were Keefe." Sophie opened the door. "I get that a lot.” ― Shannon Messenger, Neverseen

18.”They pulled apart when Keefe shouted, "YOU GUYS HAVE TO SEE THIS!" They ran to the main room and found Keefe standing under the skylight, holding up Mr. Snuggles like it was a baby lion about to be made king. The sparkly red dragon twinkled almost as much as Keefe's eyes as he said, "I went in to check on our boy and found him cuddling with THIS!" "Isn't that the same dragon Fitz brought to your house that one time?" Dex asked Sophie. "WHAT?" Keefe shouted. "YOU KNEW AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME?!" "Mr. Snuggles wasn't my secret to share," Sophie said. "IT'S NAME IS MR. SNUGGLES?! That is... I can't even..." Keefe ran back to Fitz's room shouting, "ARE YOU MISSING YOUR SNUGGLE BUDDY?!" "Fitz is going to die of embarrassment, you know that, right?" Biana asked.” ― Shannon Messenger, Neverseen

19.”Hey, all the cool kids are sleeping with stuffed animals these days.” ― Shannon Messenger, Lodestar

20.”You'd be surprised at how powerful hope can be.” ― Shannon Messenger, Exile

21.“What if what I really want…is you?" My answer was instant and absolute. “Then you have me.”― Samantha Young, The Fragile Ordinary

22.“Yet, it was different because I was alone without really being alone. I was surrounded by real live people who liked the bubble just as much as I did.”― Samantha Young, The Fragile Ordinary

23.“My anchor, he pulled me back to myself, to him, and slowly, but surely, I began to breathe again.”― Samantha Young, The Fragile Ordinary

24.“When you were in love like we were in love, there existed a temporary forever ahead of you. A knowledge that what we had was for life, but that life was only guaranteed by the second. Which meant that every second I had a choice to make, I had to choose what would really make me happy. What most people never learned was that sometimes what would make us happy the most also scares us the most. Sometimes being happy meant being brave. I aimed to be brave every second of every day.”― Samantha Young, The Fragile Ordinary

25.“We loved each other. This was real love, I decided as he hugged me close to his side. It had to be. Because nothing had ever felt more real in my entire life.”― Samantha Young, The Fragile Ordinary

After you left Edit

“After you left I stared at the driveway Feeling its emptiness Wondering if you’d return.

After you left I thought about your questions Wishing I hadn’t been so blunt Wondering if I scared you away.

After you left I remembered how you felt in my arms. How you fit so perfectly there. Like my guitar. Wondering if I should have kissed you when I had the chance.

After you left I sat in my room Remembering all the things you said, and Wondering about all the things you didn’t.

After you left I sat in silence. Missing you in a way I didn’t quite understand. Wondering if you’d ever come back.”

― Tamara Ireland Stone, Every Last Word

Every Last Word Edit

These walls heard me when no one else could.

They gave my words a home, kept them safe.

Cheered, cried, listened. Changed my life for the better.

It wasn't enough. But they heard every last word.

-Tamara Ireland Stone, Every Last Word

Eating Poetry Edit

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry.

The librarian does not believe what she sees. Her eyes are sad and she walks with her hands in her dress.

The poems are gone. The light is dim. The dogs are on the basement stairs and coming up.

Their eyeballs roll, their blond legs burn like brush. The poor librarian begins to stamp her feet and weep.

She does not understand. When I get on my knees and lick her hand, she screams.

I am a new man. I snarl at her and bark. I romp with joy in the bookish dark.

Mark Strand, Eating Poetry

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening Edit

Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer To stop without a farmhouse near Between the woods and frozen lake The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound’s the sweep Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost

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