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  • My occupation is endless reading
  • I am ᗩ ᔕᕼᗩᗪOᗯᕼᑌᑎTEᖇ

 I'm an admin here on the random potato wiki. You may spam me about anything (celebrations)

~ADMIN~ I am an active admin on this wiki, please feel free to ask me any questions!

I am a proud member of the Random Potato Fandom!

{ {PotatoClub} }

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Potato Ninja

If you have this badge. This means that you are a Potato Ninja. You have gone through the training. You have answered all the questions correctly. You have agreed to always be a Random Potato. You have shared your love for potatoes, and people greatly appreciate that. You also consider yourself a Random Potato and you love potatoes. You are in the elite class of potatoes. Congratulations!

♥ You can put PotatoNinja into the source code to put on your profile.

Schwane's Friend!

This badge is given to people who have gained the fandom friendship of Schwane.If you have this badge, then CONGRATESSSSSSSSSSS!

To add this to your profile, you have to have my (Schwane's) permission, and type { {SchwaneFriend} } into source code.

Jules' Friend

Hello! If you have this badge, this means that you are Jules' Friend. You might not have known her very long, but she still really appreciates you being kind and respectful to everyone. Friends stick together and Fandom communities do too. You share the same love for random potatoes as her. You always help other people, you make great conversation, you might help her code, or you might just be friendly and want to talk about books, potatoes, and our randomness. Thanks for always being there for her. You are a wonderful friend! She really appreciates everything you do for her.

To put this on your profile, put Jules' Friend into the source code

Katie's Friend
If you have received this badge, it means that you are one of MamaGlitterButt's amazing friends! You are probably strange, hilarious, and kind, and she is blessed to know you! You have maybe known each other for years, days, or even through a few short messages. But it doesn't matter, you're still an amazing and supportive friend, and that's what counts. Thank you for being so awesome! -Proverbs 17:17-
To use this badge, type KatieFriend into the source code! Please do not use without Katie's permission.

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