I'm GoldenMoonlight1206, founder and admin of this wiki!

This page is just like it sounds like the title. We are recruiting an admin.

Admin sign up deadlines are due by THIS SUNDAY!

If you are interested, please answer these questions: (Also coding credits go to Jules!)

If you wanna be an admin, answer these 3 questions first:

1. Do you know how to code? If so, how much?

2. How much can you be on this wiki?

3.Do you swear you can be nice to others?

Extra: Do you have any admin experience? How long?

If you want to be an admin for just a while, you don't have to answer these questions!

Answers down below, please. We will wait for one week. Sorry if you are not recruited. We will choose the one, but this will be temporary, not lasting forever.

Thank you.

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